Introducing Exclusive Savings: 15% Off at Ocean Eyes, Navy Cove Harbour!

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Introducing Exclusive Savings: 15% Off at Ocean Eyes, Navy Cove Harbour!

Are you ready for the ultimate beachfront getaway? We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour, a premier vacation rental and condo destination on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. As a valued member of the Women’s Fishing & Outdoor community, you're in for a treat – a fantastic 15% discount on your nightly rates during your stay!

Discover Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Alabama's Gulf Coast, Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour offers the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Whether you're seeking a relaxing retreat or an action-packed vacation, this stunning property has it all.

Your Home Away from Home

When you step into Ocean Eyes, you'll be welcomed by spacious and beautifully appointed condos that provide all the comforts of home. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, fully equipped kitchens, cozy living areas, and private balconies where you can savor your morning coffee or watch mesmerizing sunsets.

Amenities Galore

Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour doesn't stop at comfortable accommodations; it's designed to make your stay unforgettable. Take advantage of amenities such as:

-Private Beach Access: Stroll along the pristine white sands and dip your toes into the warm Gulf waters.
-Swimming Pool: Relax by the pool and soak up the sun.
-Boating and Fishing: Rent a boat or try your hand at fishing in the nearby waters.
-Fitness Center: Stay active during your stay with a well-equipped fitness center.
-Local Dining: Explore the fantastic local dining options and savor delicious seafood.

Exclusive 15% Nightly Rate Discount for Women’s Fishing & Outdoors Members

As a member of Women’s Fishing & Outdoors, you're entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on your nightly rates at Ocean Eyes. Simply use the promo code “WFOD15Adventure” when booking your reservation by phone at 1(877) 818-1014 for your Women’s Fishing & Outdoors exclusive discount. The discount is only for call-in reservations and not available for online booking. If you would rather book online follow this link here:

Reel in Your Dream Catch: Best Fishing Tips in Gulf Shores

At Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour reached out to us because they know that a beach vacation isn't complete without some exciting fishing adventures. Whether you're an experienced angler or just looking to try your hand at casting a line, the Gulf Shores area offers incredible fishing opportunities. Here's a quick guide to some of the fantastic fish species you can encounter in these waters and the best times to catch them:

- Availability: Year-round
- Best Times: Look for rising and falling tides for the most action-packed redfish fishing. These periods create ideal feeding conditions, and you're more likely to land a prized catch.

- Best Fishing Window: May through September
- Tarpon enthusiasts, mark your calendars! This is the prime time to target these powerful fish. Prepare for thrilling battles as you reel in these giants.

- Best Months: May through November
- For the ultimate mackerel fishing experience, head to the oil rigs. These months offer the best chances of landing these fast and feisty fish. Get ready for some high-speed action!

- Best Season: March through April
- Early spring is the cobia's favorite time to shine in Gulf Shores waters. Be on the lookout for these prized catches during this season.

- Availability: Year-round
- Optimal Times: Set your alarm clocks! Mornings and late afternoons are your best bets for successful grouper fishing. These times often coincide with feeding frenzies.

Speckled Trout
- Best Results: Early evenings, July through September
- Enjoy the serene Gulf Coast evenings while casting your line for speckled trout. These months offer prime conditions for speckled trout fishing.

- Best Months: October through March
- Fishing Hours: Rise and shine! Early mornings and late afternoons are ideal for snapper fishing during the specified months. Prepare to reel in some delectable catches.

- Best Season: March through November
- If flounder is on your fishing wishlist, plan your visit between March and November. These months promise the best flounder fishing experiences in Gulf Shores.

Now that you have the inside scoop on when and where to catch these incredible fish species, make sure to pack your fishing gear and get ready for some unforgettable angling adventures during your stay at Ocean Eyes at Navy Cove Harbour. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice looking for a new hobby, Gulf Shores has something for every fishing enthusiast. Cast away and make memories that will last a lifetime! 

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