Pyramid Lake Fishing Adventure

About the Adventure

So many people want to go to Pyramid Lake but can rarely find the people to go with and booking everything can be tricky, Uncharted Outdoors Women is your hostess and has put together this adventure filled trip for you! We are creating space for women in the outdoors and supporting Autumn’s new business as the only self-employed, native, female guide at Pyramid Lake! 

This experience will be more than trying to catch one of the largest cutthroat trout in the world. It is also to come together as a community to learn about Autumn’s culture and the history of Pyramid Lake and her tribe. Breakfast and lunch is provided both days by her wonderful mother. 

Uncharted Outdoors Women staff will be helping Autumn with netting fish, rigging up, and taking photos. A full switch rod setup is provided. You will get high resolution photos and video of your adventure through Autumn’s new business. Fish cleaning is included if trout are kept.  

Check out this amazing opportunity HERE.